“I have been suffering back injuries and general back wear and tear due to my work for over twenty years. I had real concerns about my ability to continue in the in the work that I enjoy. Injuries were one thing but I was finding that my recovery time was taking longer and longer as I got older. I was finding I would aggravate an injury before it had had a chance to recover. Dale has given me back some of my lost flexibility and has shown me some of the habits my back has developed to try and compensate for its weaknesses. I now have an exercise program that has really helped to free up my back. What has been very noticeable is that after I have had an injury, my recovery time is greatly reduced. I do not hesitate to recommend Dale Ischia as an Exercise Physiologist, she is very knowledgeable and is very good at what she does.”

David Hanna – Box Hill

“After major abdominal surgery I was bedridden for months. It took seeing Dale to help me feel safe and confident enough to try the most basic movements like sitting up. She gave me very clear, safe and specific exercises to strengthen my body and helped me reach my goals. I saw results within a 2 weeks. I have continued seeing Dale, she keeps adapting a new program and teaching me new movements that increase my strength, help me decrease side effect pain and improve my overall wellbeing.”

Alexis – Melbourne