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Moving Beyond Cancer
Rehab Intro

REHAB: Exercise for with an injury, pain, chronic illness, or other medical condition

Do you have arthritis, back pain, balance problems, brain injury/stroke, cardiovascular conditions, a chronic disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental health issues, diabetes, hip and/or knee osteoarthritis, postural problems, progressive neurological conditions. or tendon issues?


If so, our Rehab Programs can help you to:

  • Get back to your regular routine as soon and safely as possible after an injury

  • Regain strength, mobility, and function

  • Improve your health, reduce your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life 

Below are some of the services we offer in our Rehab Programs and the benefits they provide: (Click on the tab heading to see more info)

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Osteoarthritis doesn't discriminate, it affects millions of Australians, young and old. Whether you're in your 30s or your golden years, it can be a daily struggle, affecting mobility and quality of life. But there's hope.


Enter GLA:D® – “Good Life with osteoArthritis: Developed in Denmark." it's a proven method to manage hip and knee osteoarthritis. Through education and targeted exercises, GLA:D aims to reduce pain, improve movement, and restore confidence in using your body.


The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners recommends offering land-based exercise as the first line of treatment for all people with knee and hip OA to improve pain and function, regardless of their age, structural disease severity, functional status, or pain levels.


The GLA:D program involves two components:

  • Education: 2 x In-house seminars presented by our Exercise Physiologist Benjy

  • Exercise: 6-12 weeks of supervised group exercise


Twelve months after completing the GLA:D protocol, clients reported (GLA:D Annual Report 2022):

  • A pain reduction of 27-33%

  • Improved quality of life by 22-31%

  • Reduced pain medication usage by 42-47%

  • Improved walking speed by 10-14%

  • Reduced the need or delayed joint replacement surgery

What type of sessions are available in our REHAB program?

With all of our programs, you can choose between exercising one-on-one, as part of a group class, or independently:

Inclusivity: We welcome people from all walks of life at MEPG/MBC. If you would like to join one of our oncology specific groups but have a different gender identity than stated below, please contact reception to discuss the most suitable class.

Exercising one on one with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist has many benefits:

  • Supervised in our studio

  • Access to all our equipment

  • Ensuring correct technique

  • Appropriate progressions

  • Regular modifications

  • Variety of exercise

  • Motivating

  • Less cost per session.

  • Rebates available

Using the latest software, we can monitor you completing your exercise program between one on one sessions, allowing us to support you through your home or local gym based program remotely.

You may be eligible for a medicare rebate if you have a Care Plan through your GP, or rebates through your private health fund.

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How does our service work?

How our Service Works
Make an appointment

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment online or call (03) 9813 2189.

Get a referral from your GP (Optional)

Get a referral from your GP (Optional)

If you would like to access a Care Plan under Medicare you will need a referral from your GP.

Complete an exercise safety questionnaire

Complete an exercise safety questionnaire

We will email you a copy of this to complete online after you have booked your first  appointment.

Complete your initial assessment

Complete your initial assessment

One of our skilled clinicians will assess you and discuss your goals with you.

Receive your Exercise Prescription

Receive your Exercise Prescription 

​We tailor your exercise prescription to meet your needs, goals and preferences.

Choose your program options & get started!

Choose your program options & get started! 

Choose between exercising  one-on-one, as part of a group class, or independently.

Continual reassessment of your program

Continual reassessment of your program

Every 3-6 months we do a formal review and modify your exercise prescription as needed.

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